Cozy Mystery Themes

WHAT IS THEME? In the world of cozy mysteries, thematic elements are practically required if you plan on doing a series, but they’re also beneficial for standalones. No, we’re not talking about traditional themes, as in the overall concept or message you want to portray (good vs. evil, love conquersContinue Reading

22 killer gifts for the crime and mystery lovers in your life

If you’re reading this, you either love the crime or mystery genres or know someone who does. Maybe even both. And who wouldn’t? It’s full of intrigue, hidden clues, and justice for the victims (most of the time). Whether you or someone you know loves the settings in cozy mysteries,Continue Reading

So you want to write a cozy mystery series? A complete guide for new cozy mystery authors.

A great cozy mystery series is all about humanity’s insatiable curiosity, my dear Watson! Nearly everyone you meet has been curious about something at one point or another. When a person doesn’t know something but is taunted with just enough details, something in the brain triggers, and they HAVE to learn more. ThatContinue Reading