2022 guide to cozy mystery literary agents

Before we dive into the agents, here are some quick tips and suggestions that will make the submission process much smoother: Get to know their submission guidelines well before you submit your work. Do not send the same query letter to every single agent. Research the agent you’re querying toContinue Reading

Cozy Mystery: The Most Marketable Fiction Genre

Let’s face it. Finding creative angles to market fiction is a challenge because most books are built on characters, emotions, and something potentially awful that happens to the protagonist. Here and there, you might run across an author who has figured out a distantly related way to market their novels,Continue Reading

Where's the blood in a cozy mystery? How to write a compelling death scene without alienating readers.

Murder. It’s scary, right? We could also say it’s also frightening, terrifying, traumatizing, and just plain messy and disgusting. Blood and guts everywhere, nasty smells, and emotionally paralyzing. For those of us who have never seen a dead body, it’s beyond imaginable what it’s like to walk into a roomContinue Reading